sustainabilityPublicis Groupe has acquired London-based sustainability communications shop Salterbaxter with plans to align the firm under MSLGroup.

Salterbaxter's 70 staffers have handled corporate social responsibility reports, strategy and PR efforts for clients like Adidas, Maersk, L'Oreal, LEGO, and GlaxoSmithKline, among others.

MSLGroup EMEA president Anders Kempe said clients are looking for advisors to help them develop strategies as issues like transparency and social purpose increasingly shape how businesses operate.

Nigel Salter and Penny Baxter remain CEO and managing director as the firm becomes Salterbaxter MSLGroup.

Salter, who takes the EMEA lead for MSL's corporate and brand citizenship practice, said global interest in sustainability has given his firm the chance to scale its offerings, adding that MSL's geographic and client base will fuel growth.