Consumers believe they have a one-way relationship with brands and are not getting much value in return, according to Edelman's second annual brandshare study released today.

infographicWhile 87 percent of those polled in a dozen countries look for meaningful ties to brands, only 17 percent are satisfied with the relationships.

Seven-in-ten believe brands only use customer relationships to fatten their own profits.

"Consumer expectations have become much higher for brands and people expect to get more out of these relationships than they're currently receiving," said Michelle Hutton, Edelman's consumer marketing global chair.

The survey reports brands must satisfy the rational, emotional and societal needs of people.

Societal demands, which is a newly emerged need state, is more than corporate social responsibility.

It's about defining a purpose and vision for the future and then using resources to drive change, according to brandshare.

When the needs are met, said Ben Boyd, Edelman's practices, sectors and offerings president, "there is a quantifiable impact on the relationship between brand and consumer as well as the brand's bottom line."