dave armonPR services veteran Dave Armon has left the president slot at monitoring services provider Critical Mention to head content marketing and online reputation company Brand.com, the former Reputation Changer.

Armon, who takes a CEO title, replaces president Michael Zammuto, who has left the company.

The five-year-old, Philadelphia-based Brand.com changed its name in 2013 as it looked to grow market share and serve larger clients in the field of online reputation services, from scrubbing negative entries to polishing SEO results. Its business model has expanded to include more proactive content production, rather than simply damage control.

Armon said Brand.com is unveiling a service allowing brands and PR firms to commission reporter-written articles. "This has the precision of advertising -- you can choose the outlet and the timing -- and the authority of earned media," he said.

Armon is a former president/COO of PR Newswire and vice chairman of dna13. He started out in journalism in the late 1970s and '80s.

He acknowledged a press release "is always viewed as a one-sided account of story," adding that corporate blogs suffer a similar fate. "We're brining out a new paid-earned model to provide visibility and authority that many brands just cannot get on their own," he said.

Armon joined Critical Media in 2011. Sean Morgan is founder and CEO.