Moscow PR firm Apostol is guiding the corporate re-branding of Kalashnikov, the Russian firearms maker that is burnishing its image and expanding into consumer markets.  

ak-47The $380K campaign is introducing the legendary maker of the AK-47 as Kalashnikov Concern, or CK, with a tagline that translates to English as "Protecting Peace," and in Russian can mean "Weapons of Peace" or "Weapons of the World," according to the government-backed RT news.

CK is part of the state-owned Rostec corporation. The firearms maker, which supplies 27 countries but has been hampered by US and Canadian sanctions, said in September that it plans to double its annual output over the next three years. Earlier this year, it was reportedly mulling a pact with actor Steven Seagal to serve as global brand ambassador.

Apostol is the firm of media figure Tina Kandelaki, who co-founded the PR firm with Vasily Brovko, now head of communications for Rostec.

CK is the former Izhmash arms maker, which took on the Kalashnikov name last year and has made Ak-47s since their creation in 1949.

Newsweek reported last week that there are an estimated 100M AK-47s in circulation around the world in virtually every conflict zone. The assault rifles are the standard infantry rifle in about 80 countries.

The company is reportedly preparing to release an update of the AK-47, a new high-tech assault rifle, the AK-12.