At least three New Year’s resolutions are universal:

1. Co-existing more harmoniously with one’s fellow man and/or woman
2. Promoting peace in the world and
3. Losing weight.

Rarely does one get the chance to realize all three in one fell swoop.

But just such a unique opportunity lies within the grasp of Bill DeBlasio, Barack Obama and MSNBC TV, namely……………

They can all get rid of Al Sharpton.

Now clearly, no one should wish anyone else fired. And the Rev. Sharpton deserves to work as much as any other man and/or woman. But should the mayor, the President and the network decide to turn the page on 2015 by dropping the axe on the slippery reverend, they will find their PR fortunes immediately improved in the new year.

Here’s why.

· Sharpton Poisons DeBlasio

The stark reality is that New York City’s mayor will never regain credibility with the NYPD or much of his constituent public unless he breaks his bonds with Rev. Al.

The leaders of the city’s five powerful police unions have made it clear that they don’t respect Sharpton, don’t trust Sharpton and are convinced that Sharpton’s mere presence at DeBlasio’s side poisons any chance of harmony between the mayor and the 34,500 police officers he theoretically commands.

As DeBlasio’s aloof-but-smart predecessor Mike Bloomberg understood, a mayor needs the police force with him if he expects to taken seriously. DeBlasio, too, is starting to understand this, as the men and women in blue turn their backs on him and his leadership slips.

To begin to regain that leadership, DeBlasio needs to make what for him will be a difficult decision and remove his friend Sharpton.

· Sharpton Diminishes Obama.

The thing that sticks in the craw of Republicans more than any other Barack Obama presidential initiative – including the Affordable Care Act – is that Al Sharpton has visited the White House 61 times since 2009!

Now, of course, there is no reason for the President to give two whoops what makes Republicans seethe but…………..aligning oneself with an individual who, among other things, defamed a prosecutor, defied a court order, failed to pay income tax and turned FBI stooge to avoid drug charges…doesn’t do much to enhance one’s presidential stature.

Obama has two years left to escape the legacy, well established after six years, of one of history’s most mediocre Presidents. He is beginning – with the Cuba reconciliation and improved economy -- to regain momentum and show the independence that got him elected in the first place.

Just as he will lower the boom on the Keystone Pipeline, so, too, should the President, for his own good, lower the boom on the Rev. Al.

· Sharpton Embarrasses MSNBC

MSNBC gave up long ago on pretending to be anything more than the anti-Fox; a network of, by and for liberals and one not interested in even trying to be “objective.”

Where once, real journalists at parent NBC, like Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert and Brian Williams, protested loudly about MSNBC’s opinionated slant on the news, today’s reporters, like Chuck Todd, can only shake their heads, ruefully, at the train wreck that MSNBC has become.

The journalistic embarrassment might be worth it were MSNBC earning lots of money. But it isn’t. It is getting killed by both Fox and CNN. MSNBC’s ratings are the lowest among all the cable networks, Sharpton’s audience for his daily, rabble-rousing, self-promoting catastrophe, called “Politics Nation,” is not even half as large as his Fox or CNN competitors. (He does outdraw unctuous Nancy Grace on Headline News, but you can’t blame him for that!)

So if MSNBC is even the least bit concerned about salvaging some semblance of its crushed credibility, it should use the new year to deep six “Politics Nation” and lose the weight – even in new slimmed-down form – of Al Sharpton.

* * *

Fraser P. Seitel has been a communications consultant, author and teacher for 40 years. He may be reached directly at [email protected].