New Jersey has brought in Cassidy & Associates after an RFP process to build support for its military installations as the Defense Department eyes base closures.

navyThe Interpublic firm will handle government, public and community relations to protect the Garden State's five military outposts on a $16K-a-month contract. The 2011 closure of Fort Monmouth, brought about by the 2005 round of Base Realign and Closure cuts, was an economic blow the state will look to avoid.

While no BRAC cuts are scheduled, Defense officials have signaled a round is necessary and President Obama included closures in his 2016 budget.

Powell Tate and The Rhodes Group, as well as Cassidy, have handled similar work in the past. The State released an RFP in late October for the assignment.

NJ estimates its bases produce $9.6B in business-type revenue per year, including a $6.5B impact on GDP.

C&A's contract is for one year with two year-long options.