The New York Times has shifted chief TV critic Alessandra Stanley to the just created billionaire beat to report on the doings of the top one percent of the one percent.

Dean Baquet, executive editor, announced via staff memo that Stanley's new beat is part of the paper's deepening focus on economic inequality in America.

She'll report on how the richest of the rich are "influencing, indeed rewiring, the nation’s institutions, including universities, philanthropies, museums, sports franchises and, of course, political parties and government," according to the memo.

Baquet noted that Stanley is well-suited to handle billionaire coverage.

As a one-time foreign correspondent, Stanley reported on the rise of the first generation of Russian oligarchs during the 1990s.

Stanley took the TV critic job in 2003. Earlier, she served as NYT's co-bureau chief in Moscow and burueau chief in Rome.

Before the NYT, she was a Time correspondent, who was posted overseas, in London and at the White House.