anseniy yatsenyukAPCO Worldwide is providing Washington media support for the prime and finance ministers of embattled Ukraine. Ukrainian officials meet in DC tomorrow with Internatonal Monetary Fund execs and bondholder committee members.

Prime Minister Anseniy Yatsenyuk earlier this month huddled with American lawmakers to press for more military and financial aid to backstop its defense against Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Senator John McCain is spearheading the effort to send weapons to Ukraine in defiance of President Obama's position of giving only non-lethal assistance to the Ukrainians.

APCO is still discussing its terms of engagement with Ukraine's PM, but the firm will receive a fixed fee of $35K through next month.

For Ukraine's Ministry of Finance, APCO will receive fees capped at $75K through December.

It advocates on Finance Minister's Natalie Jaresko effort to promote the restructuring of Ukraine's debt.

APCO targets the media, companies and other organizations in that PR campaign.

Zeff Zelkowitz and Graham Ackerman work the Ukraine MOF business.