Julie Hamp, Toyota's PR chief, has resigned following her arrest two weeks ago for allegedly bringing illegal drugs into Japan.

The automaker released a statement saying it accepted Hamp's resignation "after considering the concerns and inconvenience that recent events have caused our stakeholders."

Toyota said since the probe into Hamp's activities is ongoing, it has little to say at this time. It intends "to learn from this incident to help ensure a secure working environment for everyone at Toyota around the world as we continue to take the steps necessary to become a truly global company."

Japanese customs officials allegedly found more than 50 pills of prescription painkiller oxycodone inside a package that Hamp mailed herself from Kentucky. The package was labeled as containing a necklace.

Hamp has maintained that she didn't know that oxydodone is illegal in Japan.

She has jailed without charges since the June 18 arrest. Japanese prosecutors face a July 8 deadline to charge Hamp with a crime.

Hamp is Toyota's most senior female official.