South Sudan, the violence-torn nation that celebrated its fourth "Independence Day" on July 9, is using Watts Partners for advocacy work in the US.

Watts Partners, which is a unit of former Oklahoma Republican Congressman JC Watts' firm, is to communicate with Congress, members of the executive branch, corporations and third-party organizations on behalf of the African nation.

The firm is working under a three-month contract inked with Arise Consult Ltd. of London.

South Sudan suffers violence from militias connected to president Salva Kiir Mayardit and former VP Rick Machar.

Susan Rice, US National Security Advisor, said July 9, both men "and their cronies are personally responsible for this new war and self-inflicted disaster."

The United Nations reports that there are 1.6M displaced people in South Sudan, 600,000 refugees in neighboring countries and 4.6M people suffering from "severe food insecurity."