Ray KotcherRay Kotcher

Ketchum senior partner and chairman Ray Kotcher late last week was inducted into the International Communications Consultancy Organization’s Hall of Fame.

Kotcher was recognized for making "exceptional progress in the internationalization of the public relations industry whilst demonstrating the cultural sensitivity and commercial acumen to create an agency that shares global reach with local relevance."

"Being named to ICCO's Hall of Fame is deeply meaningful to me,” Kotcher said, in a statement. “If I've learned one thing, it's that our guiding principle must be practicing to the highest professional standards. We're a business that's built on trust, and that's the key to sustaining success for our industry, not only for today but in the years to come."

During his more than 30-year career at Ketchum, Kotcher has played a key role in helping the agency expand its global footprint, including the 2009 merger with European communications consultancy Pleon. He has also boosted the agency’s reach with major investments in Russia, China, Korea, India, the Middle East, Singapore and Korea.

Kotcher is a past trustee of the Institute for Public Relations and former two-time chair of the PR Council. He currently serves on the executive committee and board of trustees of the Arthur W. Page Society and is a trustee of the PRSA Foundation.

In addition, the ICCO named Ketchum was named Regional Network of the Year.