Leave.EU, a key organizer of the UK campaign to leave the European Union, praised the work of Washington-based Goddard Gunster on campaign and issues management strategy.

The campaign, led by the British business mogul Aaron Banks and real estate developer Richard Tice, said in September that it scanned the globe before hiring Goddard Gunster. Banks said the group did due diligence and thoroughly investigated the top referendum and issue management firms in the world.

Praising the firm for its work in the victory, Banks said: "They made our social media effort a massive success; providing a platform far bigger than the ones built up by either the Remain campaign or the official Vote Leave group. We ended up with almost 100,000 followers on Twitter and 800,000 supporters on Facebook, where our weekly post reach often exceeded 20 million people."

Gerry Gunster

In a post-vote interview with the Washingtonian, CEO Gerry Gunster said the campaign's ability to make the issue personal with individual voters was key. He said that while the press focused on high-profile players in the debate, Leave.EU made an impact with testimonials from people like parents, farmers, students and healthcare workers about how an exit from the EU would affect themn.

Gunster, formerly of Goddard Claussen, the firm behind the "Harry & Louise" campaign that killed healthcare reform in the 1990s, said his firm embedded staff in London and he himself spent time in the UK.

His firm has run ballot campaigns involving beverage taxes, forced recycling deposits, as well as corporate campaign efforts for AstraZeneca and General Motors.

On the flip side of Brexit, former Obama election strategist Jim Messina counseled the "Remain" campaign led by Prime Minister David Cameron.