Physicist Ronald Powell has submitted testimony to the FCC calling the new “5G” Wi-Fi technology “especially outrageous” since it involves radiation of the public without their permission or adequate study.

“It would radiate everyone including the most vulnerable such as pregnant women, unborn children, young children, teenagers, men of reproductive age, the elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill,” says testimony aimed at blocking the FCC’s proposed approval of the new technology July 14.

Tom WheelerFCC chair Tom Wheeler

FCC Chair Tom Wheeler has described 5G as a “national priority.”

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, supports the 5G rollout (see below).

Powell, who has a Ph.D. from Harvard in applied physics and whose writings on Wi-Fi have appeared in and, says the 5G proposal relies on the 1996 Telecommunications Act to continue to deny state and local governments and municipalities the right to bar the installation of wireless technology on environmental/health grounds, “perhaps the greatest offense to local rule of all time.”

Said the statement: “It would likely rely on the FCC’s current outdated, excessively permissive, and thus widely criticized, radiation-exposure guidelines that enable many parties to make false claims of safety for wireless products.

“These guidelines are based primarily on a 30-year-old analysis by the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements many years before the emergence of most of the digital wireless technology in use today.

“FCC’s proposed move to 5G would offer no further study of safety, even though the new study by the National Toxicology Program at the National Institutes of Health has already found those same guidelines unprotective.

Homes No Longer “Castles”

“It would set a goal of irradiating all environments, including the insides of homes, whether single family homes, townhouses, or apartments, ending any remnant of the notion that ‘your home is your castle’ in which you are supposed to be safe and have a measure of control of your environment.

“Specifically, the proposed 5G technology would blast through walls and cribs just as the current wireless technologies do. The result would be to drive even more people out of their homes than are already being displaced by current wireless technologies.

“It would force cell antennas onto residential streets, bringing the threat even more up close and personal to the public. It would bypass all current studies endeavoring to determine if radiofrequency radiation is a factor in the explosive growth of major health conditions such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and Alzheimer’s disease, that are ruining the lives of so many people, from their youngest years to their oldest years.

“It would increase the prospect for exploding healthcare costs, with a further worsening of the national debt, and with no clear assignment of responsibility to the providers of the harmful radiation.

“It would dismiss, as too expensive, the tremendous potential of wired technologies (especially fiber optics) to provide higher data rates, greater cyber security, and greater safety for human health, as if those benefits should be excluded from any cost comparisons with wireless technologies.”

Hillary Clinton Supports 5G

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has voiced strong support for the 5G rollout in a position paper.

  • Deploy 5G Wireless and Next Generation Wireless Systems: America’s world-leading rollout of 4G wireless networks in the first half of this decade has been a success story for policy-makers, industry, and American consumers.
  • The Obama Administration played a key role by repurposing spectrum and auctioning licenses, as well as by making new spectrum available for unlicensed technologies. I will accelerate this progress and help foster the evolution to 5G, small cell solutions, and other next-generation systems that can deliver faster wireless connections.
  • Widely deployed 5G networks, and new unlicensed and shared spectrum technologies, are essential platforms that will support the Internet of Things, smart factories, driverless cars, and much more—developments with enormous potential to create jobs and improve people’s lives.

Here is link to the report: