Autism Speaks, a 501c/3 non-profit with revenues of $57.5M in 2014, has extensive materials on possible causes of the skyrocketing syndrome but Wi-Fi and other sources of radiation are not listed.

Autism SpeaksThe website of the non-profit provides links to organizations researching causes of what is referred to as “Autism Spectrum Disorder” but does not present its own explanation.

It refers to the “10,000 Genomes Program” that will use “Google Cloud to accelerate advances in autism diagnosis, subtyping and treatment.” AS headquarters are at 1 E. 33rd st., six blocks from O'Dwyer offices. AS also has offices in about 20 cities.

Angela GeigerAngela Geiger

Angela Geiger, formerly chief strategy officer for the Alzheimer’s Assn., joined Autism Speaks in February as president and CEO. She succeeded Elizabeth Feld who had total remuneration of $415,065 in the year to Dec. 31, 2014. Geiger was previously with the American Cancer Society for eight years and has a B.A. and M.B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-New York) has told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that she believes the dozen or more vaccinations given to children are a cause of autism. Rep. Dan Barton (R-Ind.) told the same hearing that the explosion of autism from one in 10,000 to one in 68, as tracked by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is “worse than an epidemic, an absolute disaster.”

Vaccines Not a Cause Says AS

The Autism website says, “Vaccines do not cause autism.” It cites research on this “over the past two decades.”

CDC, in a reply to this website, said there are “many causes” of the autism explosion and it is “not specifically looking at different sources of radiation” as a possible cause.

Autism and EMFRadiation healthcare advocate Cindy Sage has provided a link to a 40,000-word essay that explores the physiology involved in pulsed radiation and the human body.

“Just a few decades ago, EMF/RFR exposures were not present in the environment at today’s levels,” it notes.

“Levels have increased several thousand-fold or more in the past two decades from wireless technology alone; with unplanned side effects from pulsed RFR that is a newly classified Group 2B possible human carcinogen.

Six Billion Have Cellophones

“Nearly six billion people globally own wireless phones. Many millions are exposed to wireless exposures from use of wireless devices and wireless antenna facilities. For this as well as for physiological reasons, ‘allostatic loading’ as a viable concept for the study of ASCs should reasonably address EMF/RFR as one of the exposures of relevance to the overall stress load, since it is now a chronic and unremitting exposure in daily life at environmentally relevant levels shown to cause bioeffects from preconception and pregnancy through infancy, childhood and the whole life-course.”

C.J. Volpe is chief of media strategy and Aurelia Grayson is senior director of media strategy. Michael Rosen, who was executive VP, strategic communications, has left the organization. He package totaled $276,871 in 2014.Two days of attempts to reach any staffers at Autism Speaks by phone or email have been unsuccessful as of press time.

Health advocate Sue McCully has posted on Facebook that autism may have many causes but it is “irresponsible and unethical” for the “powers that be” to ignore pulsed radiation as a cause.