PRSA's New York chapter staged a mirthful evening of games and competition at Dave and Buster's on West 42nd Street on July 28, in the spirit of the chapter's "Summer Social."

About 40 aspirants with budding PR careers descending on the arcade and entertainment palace in the heart of Times Square, and they were split into company teams to compete at the games of chance and skill while they socialized.

L-R: Feintuch Communications president Henry Feintuch, his son Alex, and Sharon Fenster of Fenster Communications took their gaming skills seriously. At right in the Brooklyn Dodger cap is Bill Doescher, the president of PRSA-NY and president and CEO of the Doescher Group.

Photos: Sharlene Spingler

PRSA-NY provides such evenings -- most are more serious in nature -- to create events of learning and networking within the PR industry, usually featuring renown authorities on media, agencies and employment in the industry.

The Affect team in red tee shirts competed and ultimately won the game challenge at the PRSA-NY Summer Social.

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