4C4 Media (Four Creatives for Media) debuted today, offering documentary and narrative content for distribution to traditional and new media outlets.

The company acquired Mark Haefeli Productions, which had built up thirty years’ experience conceiving and delivering a wide variety of programming from documentaries to feature length concert film, live televised award shows, music videos, electronic press kits and industrials.

MHP founder Mark Haefeli is a principal in 4C4 and will act as its creative director.

High profile projects around the world handled by MHP include Underwriters Laboratories, L’Oreal, Roc Nation, Aerosmith, Sony Music, Columbia Music, UMG, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Bon Jovi, DreamWorks, Universal Music Group, Beyonce, Paul McCartney, PepsiCo, The Walt Disney Company, UMG, Andrea Bocelli, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Tommy Hilfiger, LIVE Nation, the Super Bowl, AEG, The Estate of Michael Jackson, S2BK, U2 and The Rolling Stones.

Robert S. GregoryRobert S. Gregory

Mark HaefeliMark Haefeli

Robert S. Gregory, 4C4 Media co-founder, saw an opportunity to help MHP build its business to the next level by bringing in technological innovation.

“We are thrilled to be working with Mark,” Gregory said.  “He’s highly respected, understands what clients need, and knows how to get things done.”

Haefeli has long preached the residual value in MHP’s videos and electronic press kits and now with the formation of 4C4 Media Haefeli explained that he’ll be able to repurpose content for interactive websites and campaigns as well as streaming media providers such as Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube Red.

“The 4C4 Team is an ideal fit for my talents,” Haefeli said.  “We share a common vision of the future and how to create media content that will take full advantage of today’s media landscape.”

Mark Haefeli with Paul McCartneyHaefeli and Paul McCartney

There’s still a need for agenda-driven video whether it’s a person, place or thing that needs promotional work, but an extended plan of action to bring that media into areas other than traditional news is paramount today, according to Haefeli.

The new venture is in the process of developing a virtual control room and by tapping into innovations in digital production and communication it seeks to avoid traditional investment in equipment and physical plant and pass this savings on to clients.

Client meetings can occur virtually, through Skype or using FTP sites Haefeli explained.  “Gone are the days when a client comes to the office to review a project.”

4C4’s current projects include the documentary “The Power Station: When Worlds Collide” and the series “Rock-n-Roll Rodeo.”