CRC staffers in Brooklyn Mural
“To be cutting edge, you need to go where the edges are,” Brian Maloney, founder of CUSP NYC creative consultancy, stresses to those taking his company’s Idea Trips in the New York city area.

The purpose of the excursions through different neighborhoods is to find inspiration by exploring galleries, event spaces, street art, creative local companies, museums and restaurants.

Staffers from CRC, PR and digital marketing firm located in NYC’s Flatiron district, recently took a tour through Brooklyn’s Gowanus section.

“The trip was an opportunity for us to stay creative and competitive,” Cindy Riccio, president and founder of CRC, said.

Other companies taking CUSP’s tours include Microsoft, Verizon and American Express which all tried the Bushwick route.

Riccio noted that Gowanus has the largest percentage of self-employed and women-owned businesses compared to any other neighborhood in the city which ties in to her firm’s female leadership.

“Our Idea Trips are a perfect canvas to explore real innovation, creativity and what it takes to invent and reinvent, much like PR professionals need to do with the brands they care for and represent,” Maloney said.