dentonsDentons, the largest law firm in the world, said it will form a global network of public affairs firms in 2017 reaching into PR, lobbying, advertising and related fields.

Global chairman Joe Andrew, a former head of the Democratic National Committee, said the Nextlaw Global Public Affairs Network acknowledges that the firm "serves our clients in the court of public opinion as well as the court of law."

Dentons will not charge firms fees to join the network and will allow for multiple members within a single market.

The firm said it will begin inviting firms to join the network this week and will unveil the network in the first half of 2017.

Added Andrew: “No matter how large a law firm or a public affairs firm is, no single firm can provide the best expertise everywhere in the world."

Dentons was formed by a series of mergers, including London and Washington powerhouse SNR Denton, to build up to more than 7,300 attorneys around the world and revenues estimated to be north of $2B.