Havas PR North America has been named agency of record by Barnacle Parking Enforcement. The company’s Barnacle device attaches to an illegally parked vehicle’s window so it can’t be driven.

Barnacle attached to a windshield
Barnacle from inside a car

Instead of having to wait for a conventional boot to be removed, drivers can pay their fines over the phone and then remove the Barnacle themselves and return it to a drop off location.

BPE says that this is a better alternative for both the parking violators and those enforcing parking regulations. Attaching a boot to a wheel can be a dangerous proposition with traffic whizzing by.

“We knew Havas PR from its years of award-winning work with the Bob Woodruff Foundation, where my wife is executive director,” Kevin Dougherty, president of Barnacle Parking Enforcement, said. “Their cause work drew us in, but it’s their entrepreneurial spirit that has confirmed to us that the team at Havas PR is the right partner for us.”

Havas PR has been handling roll-out in several pilot cities and will do a full launch in the first quarter of 2017.

“The product sells itself, it is so creative and straightforward and well-named,” Marian Salzman, Havas PR North America CEO, said.