The Museum of Public Relations - Black PR History Month, Feb. 2017The Museum of Public Relations at Baruch College in New York City will kick-off the first-ever Black PR History Month February 9.  Following the event, an exhibit featuring the lives of black PR professionals, will be on display for one month at the Museum.

Admission is free and open to students and PR pros by reservation at

"If we want to attract more minority students to the field, we've got to give them role models with whom they can identify: people like Pat Tobin, Inez Kaiser, Ofield Dukes, Moss Kendrix and many, many other black PR pioneers who've been left out of the textbooks. One of our missions in 2017 is to begin changing our historiography--from one dominated by white men to a more inclusive story that reflects the important contributions of minorities and women. Once we do that, I hope that our diverse students and young professionals will feel a deeper connection to the field,” said Shelley Spector, founder and director, Museum of Public Relations, Baruch College.

Black PR History Month is a partnership between the Museum and the National Black PR Society.  Its goal is to help diverse students and young professionals feel a greater connection to a field whose history has long been depicted as one dominated by white men.

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