A.J. Delgado, a Trump adviser and member of the transition team, tweeted Dec. 22, “Congratulations to the baby-daddy being named WH Comms Director!”

Jason MillerJason Miller

She also called Miller “The 2016 version of John Edwards,” referring to the Democratic presidential candidate who had an affair with his campaign videographer. Edwards, a former senator, resigned from the race.

Delgado called on Miller to resign in two additional tweets.

He had been named communications director on Dec. 22.

Politico reported that Delgado told senior Trump officials about an affair that had been known to those in the Trump campaign team for "a number of months," according to a quote in the Politico story. Politico said it had received an anonymous email about the alleged affair.

Miller said he was resigning because of time required for his family. He noted a second daughter is due to arrive in January.

A.J. Delgado

Delgado, an attorney, was a columnist for Mediaite and defended Trump when he was hit with charges of being insensitive to women. She also defended him during appearances on TV news shows.

Miller’s title will be taken by Sean Spicer, who has been named press secretary.

The higher title of counselor to the president is held by Kellyanne Conway, who had been Trump’s campaign manager.

Hope Hicks, a Trump spokesperson before the launch of his campaign, is director of strategic communications. Dan Scavino is director of social media.