Dress Abstract trench coat

Beautiful Planning Marketing and PR has added Dress Abstract to its list of fashion, beauty and lifestyle clients.

Dress Abstract takes actual art pieces and prints them onto clothing such as reversible trench coats, bow ties, workout leggings and scarves. Each item is signed and becomes a limited-edition piece of clothing art.

Nima Veiseh, a former doctoral researcher in design and sustainable economics, started the company in 2014 because he felt there was an enormous amount of material waste and pollution created by the fashion industry. Veiseh notes that clothing makes up over five percent of American landfills, or 14 million pounds per year.

Veisch also saw a need to employ talented refugee tailors and artists being ignored for employment in the US.

The solution was to tap into the neglected skills of these refugees and create wearable art that never needs to be thrown away.

“As a lifelong art enthusiast I was blown away when I had the opportunity to see samples of the Dress Abstract collection,” said Monique Tatum, chairman and founder of Beautiful Planning and Marketing.

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