Sophisticated (jaded?) New Yorkers did not exactly turn out in big numbers for today’s Major League Baseball's "Red Carpet Show" down 42nd St. from Bryant Park to Second Avenue. 

A ticker-tape march down the Canyon of Heroes, it wasn't.

City officials expected more. That anticipation was indicated by the double-barrier line-up erected by police. They had expected fans to be at least four-deep. This baseball fan showed up halfway through the event and was able to get a front-row view of the "action."

Granted, it’s a tricky proposal to hold a parade down busy 42 St. beginning at 1 p.m. The solution: cops sent two or three of the players’ vehicles per traffic light change. That killed continuity. It resulted in as much down time as there is during a typical baseball game, which in a way is fitting. The only drawback: there was no place to buy a beer and hot dog.

Arriving at the equivalent of the fifth inning means that I missed the National League stars. Some highlights that I caught: fans booing David Ortiz (Big Papi) and Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox and Yankee fans cheering their hero the exiting Mariano Rivera. After seeing Orioles’ sluggers Crash Davis and Adam Jones pass by, some suggested shipping the World Series trophy to Baltimore.

Chevrolet sponsored the all-star parade, but one wonders how many New Yorkers are in the market for the pick-ups that carried the players down 42nd.

Sadly, I missed the real stars of tonight's game at Citi Field in Queens, National League captain David Wright and starting pitcher Matt Harvey.

Let’s Go Mets!

Below: The red carpet on 42nd Street, and Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera waves to fans.

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