Mark Corallo, who was called a “street smart Republican spin doctor” by the National Journal, is helping Donald Trump’s legal team as it handles the James Comey crisis.

Mark CoralloMark Corallo

The one-time Justice Department press secretary and chief spokesperson for John Ashcroft during the George W. Bush presidency, distributed the statement from Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, following yesterday's release of Comey’s opening statement for today's testimony.

The statement said Trump is pleased that the former FBI director confirmed that he is not under investigation in any Russian probe. “The President feels completely and totally vindicated,” said Kasowitz.

Corallo has worked for high-profile clients such as Blackwater Worldwide, Karl Rove and former American International Group chief Hank Greenberg.

Prior to working for Ashcroft, Corallo was press secretary for former Louisiana Republican Congressman Bob Livingston, who chaired the House Appropriations Committee.

Corallo Media Strategies is based in Alexandria, VA.