Omnicom Group’s global PR powerhouse Ketchum has teamed up with the ad/PR combine’s management consulting unit Daggerwing Group to launch a new M&A services offering titled DaggerwingTransACT.

Ketchum & Daggerwing

Ketchum in a statement said the offering aims to focus on “culture-first M&A services,” and would examine desired outcomes for corporate culture and the impact these variables can have on value in deals involving mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and bankruptcies.

The alliance draws on Daggerwing’s employee engagement and executive management expertise along with the financial and corporate communications prowess of Ketchum’s New York headquarters.

Daggerwing last year merged with the Ketchum's management consulting and internal communications specialty practice, Ketchum Change. Previously, both units had operated under Omnicom’s marketing services division, The DAS Group of Companies.