Qatar, which is locked into a diplomatic tussle with its Arab neighbors, has hired Information Management Services to a $1.3M three-month engagement.

Hired by Qatar’s information office, IMS is to provide research, communications and strategic support to the Gulf State.

Al Jazeera news on Qatar

The firm’s will focus on areas such as situational awareness, open source analytics, strategic counsel and direct support and engagement.

The contact is renewable in quarterly increments of $375K per-month.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Egypt have maintained an air, land and sea blockade of Qatar for the past month.

Their foreign ministers on July 5 vowed to continue the pressure until Qatar cuts ties with Islamist groups and shuttered its free wheeling Al Jazeera satellite TV network, which has been a thorn in the side of the Gulf States.

The sanctions, according to Reuters, have triggered a wave of nationalism in Qatar and support for its 37-year-old ruler Sheikh Tamim.

Qatar, which is rich with natural gas, is the world’s wealthiest nation on a per-capita basis.