Crisis counselor Mike Sitrick represents Marc Kasowitz, President Trump's attorney on the Russia investigation who has apologized for a series of angry and profane emails sent to a stranger who called on him to resign.

The email exchange took place July 12 following a ProPublica report featured on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC program about Kasowitz not having a security clearance for the Russian probe, which involves classified information.

Washington Post article on Marc Kasowitz

Experts, according to the report, speculated that the lawyer could have trouble obtaining clearance due to alleged alcohol abuse.

A viewer, who is a retired PR executive, sent an email to Kasowitz that had "Resign Now" as subject line.

That message triggered responses from Kasowitz, including one that told the stranger to "watch his back."

Sitrick issued a statement to dispute sections of its story.

“Marc Kasowitz has not struggled with alcoholism,” Sitrick wrote. “He has not come into the office intoxicated, attorneys have not had to go across the street to the restaurant during the workday to consult Kasowitz on work matters.”

In the apology, Kasowitz called his response to the man "inappropriate" and that he wished he could take back his words.