Joe HonickJoe Honick

It is not news that the captain of a ship must look ahead rather than over his shoulder to the port from which he just directed his vessel.

Yet Captain Trump cannot resist looking backwards. At the moment, he's knocking his own Attorney General for not putting the knock on private citizen Hillary Clinton.

“Knocking” of presidential staff is not new. It was Captain Trump who accused his own intelligence operations of using Nazi tactics almost as soon as he was installed in the White House after an election that he claimed was rigged.        

The captain of the American ship is likely to continue to bump into icebergs because he cannot stop blaming the past-- and all who inhabited it-- for his almost hourly crises of today.  

He even used his address to the graduating class of the Coast Guard Academy to whine about how he was the most poorly treated President in history. He dished that drivel to a group of young officers scheduled to go out and protect not only American coastlines, but to risk their lives in the process.

Meanwhile, we hear nothing about Captain Trump's policy course and how he plans to navigate choppy political waters to get to his next port.      

The idea that Trump is even kicking around how he might pardon himself and his family, should give all Americans considerable pause.  

Word that the Captain might actually try to fire the Special Counsel, who is looking into stuff that should be public information, raises even more worrisome questions, since “pardons” are forgiveness for wrongful actions.

As your Mom probably demanded if you played your music too loud:  “What will the neighbors think?”

Since the nation's Captain is more interested in whom to throw overboard next, instead of setting a reliable course for the ship of state, it's only a matter of time before Russia, China, North Korea, Iran or ISIS puts the US to the test.


Joseph J. Honick is an international consultant to business and government and writes for many publications.  He can be reached at