Technology startup Alitheon has signed a pact with Washington-based government relations firm Crossroads Strategies to help coordinate the computer recognition company’s lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill.


The Bellevue, WA-based company, which was founded in 2015, specializes in artificial intelligence and “machine perception technology,” a patented technology that teaches computers to recognize objects, which can be used to help companies identify counterfeit products and know where items are within their supply chain. The digital fingerprinting technology can also be used to improve baggage handling functions at airports.

CRS executive VP Justin LeBlanc will advocate on behalf of Alitheon in Washington through his consultancy LeBlanc Government Relations, on issues related to the elimination of counterfeit parts and pharmaceuticals, as well as the safety and security of airports and airlines, according to lobbying registration documents filed in August.

Crossroads is led by Republican lobbyists John Green, formerly deputy chief of staff for Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott; and Stewart Hall, who was ex-legislative director to Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby.

Green and Hall co-founded government affairs firm Federalist Group, which was acquired by Ogilvy Public Relations in 2005.