Joe HonickJoe Honick

We must wonder what questions went through the minds of the GIs in the Fort Myers audience last night as President Trump talked about US "strategy" in Afghanistan.

The President's address was a rambling affair, totally void of key facts such as the number of troops needed to "finish the job" or how success will be judged in Afghanistan.

What did become very clear is that Trump is committed to “victory” with no limitation on time to finish the war that is the longest in our history. That's a conversion from his former skepticism about US involvement in Afghanistan. It's his mess now.

Trump's speechwriter was clever enough to redirect attention to his claim that Pakistan had better shape up and that India would be enlisted for involvement, even as he resorted to his early demands that NATO members cough up more money.

It’s doubtful any shallow commenting reporters will refer to candidate Trump’s boast he knew more about ISIS than the generals and even shouted that, when elected, ISIS would be removed and quickly.

Perhaps the most insensitive part of Trump's speech was his seemingly emotional reference to the tragedy in Barcelona without mentioning the need for this country to heal after the violence in Charlottesville.

Trump will use his power to wage war in Afghanistan, no matter what it costs in lives, casualties and financial resources.

He gave the nation no indication of "what victory" would look like in Afghanistan.

America deserves better.


Joseph J. Honick is an international consultant to business and government and writes for many publications. He can be reached at