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Most of us love to eat, even when we didn’t have to. Whether it’s celebrating or socializing with friends or that special someone, food always makes everything better.

When it comes to all things “foodie,” let’s look at some who are currently on the top in the influencer realm, as well as several up-and-coming food influencers.

FoodGodFoodGod Jonathan Cheban


Jonathan Cheban, a long-time friend of the Kardashians, started his FoodGod social media sites because he says he eats out 365 days a year and loves nothing better than to find a place where he can celebrate foods that are over-the-top, fun and fantastic. He also shares places he finds when he travels as well as fun lifestyle-related items and events. Jonathan is also the first reality TV star (from 2010, back when he starred in his own E! network series) to becoming an influencer.

Followers include 2 million on Instagram and 56,000 on Facebook.

Kale and Caramel

Lily Diamond’s Kale and Caramel has been featured in Food & Wine, Cosmopolitan UK and The Zoe Report. Specializing in vegetarian foods such as Jalapeno Cheddar Waffles Rancheros, Diamond includes recipes for drinks, snacks and all meals, but also offers natural beauty recipes such as body scrubs and face masks.

Followers include 53,800 followers on Instagram, as well as 5,500 Facebook and 1,700 on Twitter.

Andrea BemisAndrea Bemis' Dishing Up the Dirt blog

Andrea Bemis

Andrea Bemis and her Dishing Up the Dirt blog began her efforts at Tumbleweed Farm, a six-acre organic vegetable farm in Parkdale, Oregon which an effort of love for both her husband and Andrea. After growing the veggies, she uses them in rustic and nutritious recipes, like Honey Glazed Turnips, for example.

Followers include 51,700 at Instagram, 8,900 on Facebook and 1,000 on Twitter.

The Little Plantation

Kimberly Espinel specializes in vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan foods, but only what’s “simple, healthy, easy and really delicious.” She really gets innovative with flavors and food displays, and her articles have been featured in One Green Planet, Vegan Lifestyle Magazine and others. Most of her food, which is all about nutrition and wellness, is not only good for you but also just plain good. And she’s more than doubled her followers on social media in the last year, now ranking 44,500 on Instagram, 1,400 on Facebook and 447 on Twitter.

Paige Adams' Last Ingredient blogPaige Adams' Last Ingredient blog

Last Ingredient

Paige Adams offers beautiful, restaurant-quality recipes for her fans to enjoy. She tackles any ingredient or cuisine with her food offerings, and you may have caught some of her work in Redbook Magazine, BuzzFeed, Foodgawker or other places.

Followers now tally 42,200 at Instagram, 263 on Facebook and 105 on Twitter.

A Taste of Koko

Jane Ko is at the top of Austin’s list of local food blogs and has been sharing her food ideas via social media, as well as reviews of local hotspots and restaurants, for the last seven years. Following her blog will take you on an adventurous journey finding the best foods you might never have thought of on your own. Pumpkin beignets anyone?

Followers include 40,900 on Instagram, as well as 9,000 on Facebook and Twitter.

Alana Kysar

Alana Kysar is the creator of Fix Feast Flair, a Los Angeles-based cooking and lifestyle blog. Want something light, fresh and flavor-filled? Try one of her island-west coast fusion recipes. Kysar, who originally hails from Hawaii, received the Best New Voice Award in 2015 from Saveur Magazine.

Followers at Instagram now total 31,600, as well as 2,300 on Facebook and 1,000 on Twitter.

Heather Hands' Flourishing Foodie blogHeather Hands' Flourishing Foodie blog

Flourishing Foodie

Heather Hands is more than a food blogger; she’s also a dietician, food stylist, food photographer and recipe developer. Based in Seattle, her blog and social media sites focus on local, fresh and pescatarian-friendly foods. Her feature work has been seen in The Huffington Post, Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens.

She now enjoys 17,100 followers on Instagram, as well as 7,500 on Facebook and 1,800 on Twitter.


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