The US China Business Association, a non-profit comprised of American business executives dedicated to promoting bilateral economic development and trade relations between China and the United States, as well as assisting Chinese businesses entering the U.S. market, has inked a pact with law firm Thompson Coburn LLP for representation on economic development issues on Capitol Hill.

US China Business Association

China is currently the U.S.’s largest goods-trading partner. U.S. goods exported to China in 2016 totaled $115 billion, making China the U.S.’s third-largest export market, behind Canada and Mexico. Chinese goods imported to the U.S. last year, by contrast, were far larger, at about $462 billion.

TC will help UCBA arrange meetings with the White House and administration officials as well as members of Congress, according to lobbying registration documents filed in August.

Partner Ken Salomon, who also serves as treasurer of Thompson Coburn's Political Action Committee, leads the account.

Thompson Coburn, which was founded in 1929 and staffs about 400 attorneys, maintains offices in Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Southern Illinois.