Qatar has hired Stonington Strategies to a $50K a month contract to strengthen its relationship with the US and build bridges to the Jewish community.

Nick Muzin, a doctor, lawyer and Republican strategist who is active in Jewish affairs, heads Stonington.

Ted Cruz & Nick MuzinTed Cruz (L) & Nick Muzin

He was the driving force behind a coalition of more than 50 groups, including tea party, evangelical and Jewish organizations, to oppose the Iran nuclear deal.

"Engagement with Qatar can only be in the best interests of the United States and the Jewish community, as we cannot allow Qatar to be ostracized by its neighbors and pushed into Iran’s sphere of influence,” said Muzin.

He views Iran as one of the largest threats to US national security.

Muzin served as deputy chief of staff for Texas Senator Ted Cruz during his GOP primary run, counting outreach to the Jewish community among his responsibilities.

He also was political director for South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and senior medical advisor to Senator John McCain.

For Qatar, which is under an economic and political blockade by Muslim states, Muzin will advise on ways to build a closer relationship with the United States and improve ties with the Jewish community worldwide.

He will explore opportunities for political, cultural and economic cooperation with the U.S. and Israel, especially in the areas of trade, real estate, job creation and technology.