Mandalay bay

Joele Frank Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher handled MGM Resorts International’s statement that challenges the revised timeline of the Oct. 1 Las Vegas massacre offered by the police. Stephen Paddock carried out the attack from the 32nd floor of MGM’s Mandalay Bay hotel.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Oct. 9 that Paddock shot security guard Jesus Campos before he opened up on the Route 91 Harvest festival, a rampage that killed 58 and wounded nearly 500. The initial report said Campos was shot after he fired on the concert crowd.

Debra DeShong, MGM’s VP-global industry affairs, noted in the statement that the ongoing investigation has a lot of moving parts.

Her company “cannot be certain about the most recent timeline that has been communicated publicly” and believes “what is currently being expressed may not be accurate.”

MGM “understands the public’s desire for information and the importance of getting our community and the public at large the information they deserve,” and is “doing everything we can to support law enforcement’s effort to do so.”

DeShong joined MGM in July from Subject Matter, a DC-based strategic communications firm. She served as chief of staff for Caroline Kennedy, former US Ambassador to Japan.