Sen. Karen Spilka
Sen. Karen Spilka

Radiation health advocates are pressing passage of seven wireless radiation bills to the Mass. legislature. Public hearings are set.

Senator Donald Humason’s Bill S. 2080, to be heard Nov. 28, asks to have the medical community trained and to provide insurance for the “growing number of wireless radiation-related illnesses.” S. 2080

December 11*, 1 p.m., Senator Karen Spilka's Bill S. 1268 aims to form a commission to address all aspects of wireless radiation and public health.

The Mass. Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education is examining the biological risks of wi-fi in schools, said health advocate Cecelia Doucette. It is also reviewing testimony on all seven wireless radiation bills, is in conversation with the Dept. of Public Health, and is strategizing on ways to protect students and staff. Director of Digital Learning is Kenneth Klau.

The Dept. of Public Health has written public health fact sheets on the man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of radiation emitted by high voltage power lines, cell towers, cell phones and other wireless technology.

They are under final review with DPH Commissioner Monica Bharel's office at present. Robert Knorr, Ph.D., is Director, Bureau of Environmental Health.

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