LaVoieHealthScience has brought on two new clients: Integrity Applications and Savara Pharmaceuticals. Founded in 2001, Integrity Applications is focused on the design, development, and commercialization of non-invasive glucose monitoring technologies for people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. West Lake Hill, TX-based Savara Pharmaceuticals is an emerging pharmaceutical development company focused on advancing inhalation therapies for the treatment of patients with rare pulmonary conditions. “Each client has very specific business objectives in which our industry-tested strategic communications programs are being implemented,” said Donna L. LaVoie, President & CEO of LaVoieHealthScience.

Solomon Wilcots
Solomon Wilcots

Russo Partners LLC has been engaged by Medovex Corp. to handle PR work for its DenerveX device, which is designed to provide relief from back pain caused by Facet Joint Syndrome. The work includes a video campaign that features interviews conducted with spine surgeons by Solomon Wilcots, an NFL broadcaster; former defensive back with the Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers; and leader of Russo Partners' Sports-Health Alliance. Russo Partners and Medovex will integrate his interviews into ongoing social and traditional media initiatives. “We look forward to using the output of his work to increase the visibility and awareness of what we are doing at Medovex to transform how surgeons and pain management physicians treat a common source of chronic back pain," said Patrick Kullmann, president and COO of Medovex.

Power Pole Anchor

TBA Outdoors, an outdoor-industry focused subsidiary of The Brandon Agency, has added Power-Pole shallow water anchors to its client roster. TBA Outdoors will lead several marketing initiatives for the anchors, including public relations and content development as well as hosting a monthly podcast and producing custom video. “We’re very excited to partner with TBA Outdoors,” said Robert Shamblin, vice president of JL Marine Systems, Inc., which produces the anchors. “We are counting on their outdoor knowledge along with their media and digital savvy to keep our Power-Pole shallow water anchors and growing product line on the top of boaters’ minds.”