EMR Aware

Healthcare website EMR Aware, which tracts Electro Magnetic Radiation, has issued guidelines that lower the risk from such radiation.

Personal wireless devices are by far the most powerful sources of EMR, says the website.

“A transmitting cellphone subjects its user to upward of 500,000 times more radiation than the natural electromagnetic field of the planet,” it says, recommending basic measures to limit the radiation as follows:

1. Hold the cellphone as far away from your head as is practical; ideally at arm's length if it has a "speaker" mode. The same applies to cordless phones or any portable transmitting device. Even a one inch distance can reduce bodily microwave absorption by up to ten times. Alternate holding the phone at each side of the head to balance exposure.

2. Use a hardwired "ethernet" cable (RJ45) connection between your computer and internet modem. Most so-called wireless modems still have the appropriate matching sockets. To defeat intermittent transmissions, remember to then disable the Wi-Fi functionality in both the computer and modem using their respective software interfaces, or buttons if provided. Generally, cable internet is faster, safer and more secure.

3. Let the "inverse square law" work in your favor. Magnetic field intensity drops off exponentially with distance from its source. Maintain a prudent distance between yourself and any emitter of EMR. Remember that it penetrates most non-metallic walls, so exposure can originate from devices outside or in adjacent rooms. Note that this law does not apply equally to electrical fields which exhibit a linear drop-off.

Consumers Should Act

Demand clearer consumer safety warnings and public education on prudent use of all EMR-emitting products. At minimum, read and observe the fine print precautionary health warnings now included for liability purposes in wireless product instruction manuals.

  • Purchase a good quality EMR, or "electrosmog", meter covering the frequency range of interest (ELF, RF, or both). This enables Measuring EMR levels in the home or workplace, as well as quantification of the result of any applied counter measures. Carry one around to educate others in your community, including Government officials, about their invisible environment.
  • As technology evolves, transmitters and antennae are becoming increasingly small and hidden within devices or the structural elements of a "normal" environment. Consequently, the presence of many cannot be detected at all without the use of a meter.
  • [Many thousands of churches have signed 20 and 30-year contracts with telecom companies to house transmitters in their steeples. The steeples, because of their height and key in-city locations, are bringing churches $25K, $50K and more yearly.—note added by O’Dwyer’s].

Skull penetration of phone radiation is greater for young children.

Exercise particular care with children. Instruct in safe and non-addictive use of personal electronics. Limit screen time to minimise exposure and encourage balanced development.

Avoid unusually high concentrations of EMR and standing wave effects by not positioning yourself between two or more emission sources.

If being acutely affected and unable to leave the area, limit body movement to minimize absorption. Reduce exposed surface area by assuming a "low profile" posture. For example, lie down with your feet toward the source of radiation.

  • Manage your proximity to metal objects such as wall studding, steel furniture and inner-spring mattresses. These can concentrate and re-radiate incident RF, especially if of matching wavelength. Similary, don't be a walking antenna. Limit wearing objects such as watches, buckles, jewelry, metal-framed glasses, etc.

Although costly, RF excluding head nets, bed canopies, and conventional-looking garments made of silver interwoven fabric are commercially available from a number of suppliers. Create a radio frequency exclusion zone, by retro-fitting the windows and openings of an all-metal caravan or trailer with aluminium flyscreens.