Al D'Amato
Al D'Amato

Former New York Republican Senator Al D'Amato is repping terror-torn Somalia in its outreach to Congress and the US Government.

The Islamic State is a growing presence in that Horn of Africa nation, fortified by fighters who fled Syria with the collapse of its forces there.

The US conducted its drone strikes in Somalia this month with commanders reported the deaths of "some terrorists."

The el-Shabab group, an affiliate of al-Qaida also is active in Somalia. It was responsible for a truck bombing in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, last month that killed 350 people,

D'Amato's Park Strategies firm will provide strategic counsel to the Somalis and assesses "relevant policy, economic, and security developments that have implications for the relationship between the Somali Republic and the US," according to its contract.

The firm will arrange meetings, develop PR and press strategies and report on the "political landscape" to gauge developments that could impact Somalia's ties with the US.

Park Strategies' agreement runs for a year at $10K per-month.

Expenses are capped at $36K for the duration of the pact.