Global Women in PR

A new study reveals that while women represent two-thirds of the global PR industry, 78 percent of CEOs in the top 30 PR agencies worldwide are men and they also occupy 62 percent of seats at the PR boardroom table.

The results of the study will be presented tomorrow in a panel discussion at the Global PR Summit in Toronto, which is being sponsored by the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations. Conducted by the group in collaboration with the Organization of American Women in Public Relations and Global Women in PR, the annual gender pay gap survey examines the working practices of the global PR industry, highlighting the fact that very few PR women make it to the top of the profession.

When it comes to salaries, the study says, women are falling behind. Comparing like for like, the study found that average salary for men in PR is $61,284 (CDN $76,365), while the average for women is $55,212 (CDN $68,799). The resulting overall gender pay gap is $6,072 (CDN $7,566).

The biggest gender pay gap, however, is found at the boardroom level. At that level, 28 percent of men earn more than $150,000 (CDN $186,915) annually, compared to just 12 percent of women. In addition, the PR workplace does not appear to become more gender equal as we get older—36 percent of female respondents believe the PR industry is ageist, compared with 25 percent of men.

"The PR industry is nearly two-thirds female and we are still faced with some of the same challenges we had 50 years ago,” says Daniela Kelloway, founder and CEO, Clutch PR. “We still have a wage gap in our profession and there are still only a few female CEOs at large PR firms. We still have unrealistic ideals and limitations in the work force for women."