New York Women in Communications president Meredith Long encouraged students at the group's 2017 Student Communications Career Conference Nov. 18 to "help each other up" to break into the executive level.

Meredith LongMeredith Long

Tiffany PhamTiffany Pham

Long, senior VP/GM, news, luxury & style, Time Inc., welcomed over 250 to New York University's Kimmel Center for workshops such as landing the perfect internship or entry-level job, defining your personal brand, crafting the perfect elevator pitch, answering interview questions, negotiating your way to success and understanding the world of freelance writing.

"We (women) dominate the communications career, but the percentage of women at the executive level is still lower than that of our male counterparts," Long said. "As a community, we are stronger together, so help each other up."

Long admitted that pursuing a career in the Big Apple can seem daunting but in time "you realize just how small the communications community really is." She advised students to view their peers "not as competitors, but as collaborators."

Keynote speaker Tiffany Pham, founder & CEO, Mogul, offered tips to her success:

--Remember to be kind, authentic and generous
--Always lead with a gift when asking for something
--Join as many extracurricular activities as possible in college, you never know which one might lead to your passion
--Reach out to the 20 people you admire most, and one could change your life
--A "no" is a "not right now" that can turn into a yes
--If you have an idea, put it out there even if it's imperfect
--People don't respond until four or five times so keep trying to reach out to people you respect
--Be sure to know what the expectations are at a company and over deliver!
--Use side hustles to move ahead

Students at NYU's Kimmel CenterStudents at NYU's Kimmel Center

Pham's company connects 18 million women per week in 196 countries to top trending content in the communications industry.

For every dollar that Mogul earns, the United Nations provides a woman free access to Mogul's educational resources. So far, 62 million women around the world are benefiting from this program.

Pham's grandmother, who ran newspapers across Asia to fight against communist propaganda and democratize media, inspired her to build Mogul's digital hub for women.