Jacqueline Plunkett
Jacqueline Plunkett

Jacqueline Plunkett, who did a five-year stint at Google, has joined DDC Public Affairs as senior VP for digital strategy.

She takes command of the Omnicom unit's social media, analytics and advertising divisions.

At Google, Plunkett served on the search engine's 2016 election team, where she worked on campaigns to help connect them with swing voters.

Most recently, she did a six-month stint as senior media director at the National Rifle Assn.

Earlier, she worked in international business development at Estee Lauder, global marketing at Clinique and private banking at JPMorgan Chase.

Jim Gianiny, DDC president, said Plunkett's work for "some of the world’s most iconic brands combined with her work in targeting key political influencers will be a major differentiator for our clients’ digital campaigns."