Ari Mittleman
Ari Mittleman

Keystone Strategic Advisors has inked a $450K one-year pact with the governor of Eastern Libya, which is under the control of renegade General Khalifa Haftar and based in Benghazi.

Headed by Ari Mittleman, a former aide to Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senator Bob Casey, Keystone is to provide strategic political and communication counsel to Gov. Al Mair.

That advice will include developing policy and foreign policy goals and assistance in creating a democratic and multi-ethnic Libya.

Vladimir Petrovic, Serbia’s former ambassador to the US, handles Keystone push, which began Dec. 1. He also worked as political organizer and campaign consultant for Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and Barack Obama's Senate run.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Libyan prime minister Fayez al Sarraj on Dec. 1, and reaffirmed US support for Libya's Government of National Accord, which is based in Tripoli.

He thanked the PM for his government’s support in fighting ISIS and conveyed America’s commitment to supporting the Libya people’s efforts to build a unified and prosperous future.