PRT, a Moscow-based affiliate of Edelman, has created 10 wheelchair friendly routes in Moscow and St. Petersburg as part of a campaign for tea brand Brooke Bond.

“We passionately believe that all strong brands should consider socially useful platforms when developing their positioning,” said PRT general manager Gleb Sakhray. “Tea culture in Russia is all about finding common ground, coming together, having a quality conversation, and creating an atmosphere of trust. The project aims to discover common ground and to respect each other’s differences.”

To put together the project, PRT examined landmarks in the two Russian capitals, picking ones that have been designed to meet the needs of people with physical challenges. The 10 routes, each centered around a specific theme, were then created to link these spots together.

Gleb Sakhray
Gleb Sakhray

Each of the routes can be accessed through the MAPS.ME app, which does not require an Internet connection. Between three and four kilometers long, they are designed for a city tour taking four to five hours. The routes consist of from five to seven stops, each equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of physically challenged people. Descriptions of the various landmarks and such practical information as hours of operation and admission costs, are also included.

Nikolay Muravyov, a designer from Tomsk who works to combat the inaccessibility of the urban infrastructure for physically challenged people, provided the inspiration for the project

PRT, which was founded in 1998 as PR Technologies and has a roster of clients including Unilever, Sony, HP, Bayer, Nissan and Lexus and others, has been an Edelman affiliate since April 2015.