Harbour Group

The Arab Emirates has extended its public diplomacy and communications program at The Harbour Group for another two years.

Fees and expenses for the effort are capped at $10M, making it one of the richest US PR campaigns bankrolled by a foreign government.

The extension kicked off Jan. 1.

THG will support the UAE’s DC embassy in the development of a communications program “to sustain and enhance public awareness and understanding of the UAE among US policymakers and opinion leaders.”

It also will support the PR of UAE consulates in New York, Boston, Houston and Los Angeles.

Richard Mintz, THG managing director and former PA global chair at Burson-Marsteller, handles the UAE business.

Saudi Arabia, a close ally of the UAE, also works with THG. Both nations are involved in military action in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia has an $80K per-month contract with THG for strategic communications counsel and support on general foreign policy matters and US-Saudi relations.

That one-year agreement began May 1, 2017.