John Casey
John Casey

SapientRazorfish global head of PR and media relations John Casey and New York's Wagner College have launched one of the first college courses in digital business transformation. The class will be part of Wagner’s media management masters program.

While both Columbia University and Carnegie Mellon currently offer graduate courses on DBT, the offering at Wagner will be the first available to undergraduates, as well as the first to focus on the media industry.

“The impetus for this class came from the students in my Digital Marketing class this fall,” says Casey. “As part of the course, we discussed DBT, and the students were not only unfamiliar with the tectonic DBT shift taking place in the business world, but their curiosity was wildly piqued! As a result, it felt like the time was now to start explaining to students what DBT is all about.”

“We realize that businesses from every industry are quickly engaged on a battleground where legacy business models are bound to fail or stay behind," said Stephen Greenwald, founder of Wagner's media management program and former CEO of DeLaurentis Entertainment. "Understanding this landscape, particularly as it relates to DBT media industry leaders is a must with companies like Amazon and Netflix with digital at their core leading the way.”

Greenwald also noted that media holding companies as Publicis, WPP, Omnicom and IPG have established DBT consultancies. “This course will provide background about the rapidly shifting business model in media production and holding companies from customer experience, marketing modernization, data and artificial intelligence, and the new commerce,” he said.