FTI Consulting has filed its two-month contract with Mexico to develop a “modern campaign that impacts positively the image of Mexico and the public opinion in the US,” showing fees of $650K.

That work, which ran from Oct. 26 to Dec. 31, was tied to the “modernization of the North American Free Trade Agreement,” a pact that President Trump has vowed to kill unless Mexico and Canada grant concessions to the US.

FTI’s communications objective: “To identify using metadata research the key public to orient the public communication efforts of the Economic Secretary in the US in its defense of NAFTA and its bilateral commercial relationship,” according to the contract.

The pact calls for FTI to establish relationships with US media to promote a positive image of the bilateral commercial ties and to defend the positon of Mexico from opposing views.

Mexico’s Economic Secretary wanted studies to show how revamping NAFTA could impact “the prices of specific goods and how those increased prices affect the average monthly budget of a family and the cost of personal expenses (for example, in food, clothes, new cars, furniture and home).”

FTI’s contact could be extended based on the needs of the country’s Economic Secretary for another six months.

It’s not clear whether Mexico okayed that extension.