Roger Stone
Roger Stone

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone says the president should make good on his campaign-trail vows to let individual states decide on the legality of marijuana.

In an e-mail Stone sent out on Jan. 6 under the heading “Protect State Legalized Marijuana—Stop Jeff Sessions Now,” there is a link to a video that shows previous statements the President has made regarding medical marijuana and juxtaposes those statements with the sharply divergent opinion of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

While Jeff Sessions and his Justice Department moved last week to rescind an Obama-era policy used as a protection for states that have legalized marijuana, the video shows Trump telling an audience “I think medical should happen—don’t you agree?” Sessions, however, is shown making the statement, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana,” and a Newsweek headline seen in the video refers to the Attorney General’s “war against legal marijuana.”

The video is part of a fundraising drive for the United States Cannabis Coalition, a pro-cannabis project formed by Stone that is “dedicated to influencing federal level decision makers so they honor State’s Rights and state mandated marijuana laws as well as reform our antiquated and failed federal drug laws,” according to its website.

Last June, Stone told VICE News that his “first and foremost” goal was persuading Trump “to keep his pledge and direct the Justice Department to reflect the views you stated in the campaign.”

“For 30 years,” Stone says in another video, made to inaugurate USCC, “I have marched, written about, spoken about, and advocated drug law reform.” He goes on the say that “as a candidate, my friend Donald Trump said that he supported states’ rights in the matter of whether the states could legalize marijuana.”