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Jan. 8, 2010


Former TV assignment editor and current UCLA media relations exec Seth Odell runs down his top five tips for pitching a local TV news station:


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anonymous (1/11):
Here's another one: Know WHO you're pitching to. As a Senior Producer of a hard news show, I am going to delete your e-mail or voicemail in disgust if you pitch me a story on "Valentine's Day Makeup Tips," "Designer H1N1 Masks" or "Gay Boot Camp" (actual pitches).

If you have no idea what my show's about and don't have the time to find out, don't pitch for it.

Davina K. Brewer @3HatsComm (1/13):
Good tips, and as a follow up to the other comment: know the audience and pitch a legitimate story. This is local news, so a local connection goes a long way into getting coverage. Regarding the cell phone thing: contact needs to be immediate. Forget faxes, anything that slow. If it's real news that leads now, the assignment editor needs to be able to respond immediately. And your experts/story needs to be available ASAP, not "set up for later." FWIW

anonymous (1/13):
I'd really be interested in a follow up story on assignment editor lingo! Sounds very useful.

Anon. (1/13):
Please do a segment on TV lingo!

Scott - [email protected] (1/14):
Seth - thanks a ton for sharing this information. I'd also be interested in learning more about the lingo and terms. I heard someone mention "nat-pack" to be once, and I have no idea what that is. Thanks again.

Non Profiter (1/14):
Lingo clip would be much appreciated.

anonymous (1/14):
Good info, thank you. I would be interested in knowing that TV lingo as well.

Seth Odell (1/14):
Thanks so much for all the great feedback! I really appreciate you all taking the time to watch the vieo. I'm so glad you found it useful! I will absolutely put together a video about assignment editor lingo. Look for it next week on or right here if the folks from O'Dwyer's are kind enough to post it!

anonymous (1/14):
Definitely interested in a clip on lingo.

CLS- (1/14):
Great info! Can we get the lingo please?

anonymous (1/14):
Also, please provide more info on TV lingo. The name of the game is pitching so the more we know the better off we are!

Seth Odell (1/20):
My video on lingo is now up! I by no means cover everything, but I think I hit all the basics you need to know to help get that story covered. Feedback, as always, is welcome!

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