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Dec. 18, 2009

Ken Kaplan, new media and broadcast manager in Intel Corp.'s global communications group, talks about the company's use of online video to achive various PR goals:
The difference between a solid investor relations program and a poor one can mean as much as a 35% change in the valuation of a company, according to Brian Rivel of Rivel Reseach:
Video highlights from New York Women in Communications' 2009 Student Career Conference. Helen Wagner, manager, PR for 3M, and NBC "Today" correspondent Sara Haines were among speakers:
Amy Shaw, associate director of PR for the global scientific organization SNM, outlines the "anatomy" of holding a press conference (she follows up with another video on holding a virtual presser, as well:
Bruce Freeman, president of ProLine Communications and small business columnist for Scripps Howard News Service, talks to students at the Univ. of Pennsylvania about running a small biz:
LG is using YouTube and other outlets as part of a "Give It a Ponder" campaign channeling James Lipton to get teens to think twice before sending inappropriate or harmful text messages:
Paul Sling, a senior A/M at Edelman/U.K., talks about a campaign with Microsoft aimed at putting 500K people in the country to work by 2012:
Racepoint Group's Ben Haber compiled his "Best of YouTube" list for 2009, including the ubiquitous wedding dance video, Dave Carroll's PR nightmare "United Breaks Guitars" (6.6M views and growing), and Kanye West's interruption of Taylor Swift (here's the guitar clip):
Rubenstein Communications video producer/director Larry Lac produced a 2009 highlight reel of the firm's high-profile PR work:

Rubenstein 2009 from Rubenstein on Vimeo.

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