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Dec. 9, 2009


What is it about Bank of America and YouTube? Ex-BoA collections agent Jackie Ramos has drawn widespread attention after she politely and effectively whacked her former employer's ethics in a simple, 9.5-minute YouTube video in late November.

"There was something inherently evil about my job," Ramos said in a particularly stinging phrase of her monologue, which has logged more than 164K views on YouTube.

The former staffer said the bank wasn't flexible with customers falling behind on payments and used the example of a young widowed mother who recently found out she had cancer to show BoA's alleged inflexibility.

BoA spokesman Tony Allen told the Huffington Post that Ramos violated policies, and encouraged customers to misrepresent their information.

He also pointed out that BoA has modified more than a million accounts by lowering interest rates or modifying payments. Reuters' Felix Salmon declared Ramos his "Hero of the Day." Ramos' video followed a YouTube rant by former BoA assistant branch manager Ben Frasier in October, which also attacked his former employer's ethics in the pursuit of profit with a personal example.

BoA and Frasier cut a deal after his posting drew attention. Firing the first high-profile YouTube salvo against BoA was Ann Finch, a Michigan woman who declared a "debtors revolt" against the bank after it raised her interest rate for no apparent reason.

BoA also cut a deal with her.

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